NFT Fractionalizer

This page is dedicated to providing a developer-focused exploration of the NFT Fracitonalizer, one of Shell Protocol's Ocean Primitives built by Cowri Labs. For a more extensive and detailed overview, consider visiting the NFT Fractionalizer page on Shell Protocol's wiki.

The actual implementation of the NFT Fractionalizers for ERC-721 and ERC-1155 can be accessed in our public repository, located within the Fractionalizer721.sol and Fractionalizer1155.sol files.

About NFT Fractionalizer

NFT Fractionalizer is a pretty straightforward Ocean Primitive. All it does is turning NFT smart contracts or collections, how ever you wish to call them and turns them into fungible tokens. This give us some interesting new use cases and things we can do that usually not possible with non fungible token types like creating NFT AMMs enabling instant liquidity for the NFT owners.

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